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E3D PT100

E3D Extruder

Version V6.1 E3D extruders – PT100 sensor (in 3x20mm shell)

Version V6.1 extruders - PT100 sensor (sensor in 3x20mm shell)

E3D V6.1 - PT100 Part No: 15-21 (left mount) or 15-22 (right mount)

PT100 Temperature sensor. Linear temperature scale (-80 to 400°C)

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Dual PT100 sensor amplifier NTS-030

The E3D V6.1 - PT100 sensor connected to a computer i.e. Arduino/Ramps1.4 requires a signal amplifier

Telion NTS-030 Dual PT100 amplifier. Part No:90-18

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Version V6.1 extruders - NTC100K sensor (sensor in 3x20mm shell)

The E3D V6.1 extruders are equipped with NTC -100K temperature sensors housed in a 3x20mm shell.

E3D V6.1 - NTC100K Part No: 15-23 (left mount) or 15-24 (right mount)

NTC 100K Temperature sensor. Logarithmic temperature scale (-50 to 300°C)

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Version V6.0 extruders - NTC100K sensor (glass bead sensor)

The V6.0 extruders are equipped with glass bead NTC -100K temperature sensors.

E3D V6.1 - NTC100K Part No: 15-14 (left mount) or 15-15 (right mount)

NTC 100K Temperature sensor. Logarithmic temperature scale (-50 to 300°C)

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General information about E3D Extruders

The precision of any 3D printer depends greatly on the extruder quality which is the most important part of any 3D printer. Telion uses the very popular and quality tested E3D extruders.
The extruder is responsible for melting the plastic filament at the correct temperature and then pushing a precise amount of liquid plastic out of the extruder nozzle. The E3D extruders can be fitted with 0.25, 0.3, 0.35, 0.4, 0.6 or 0.8 mm nozzles
The very precise mechanical manufacturing quality of the E3D extruders provides long lasting 3D printing experience without the common problems as nozzle clogging, inconsistent plastic delivery, temperature fluctuations causing plastic burning, difficult maintenance etc.
The E3D extruder can keep a steady temperature at 300 degrees Centigrade or more, this helps when printing polycarbonate or nylon materials.
The mechanical simplicity of the E3D extruder makes it easy to carry out maintenance. Regular maintenance will give you many years of hassle free 3D printing.
One common problem with any 3D extruders hot ends part is that after a number of prints, they will get coated with gunk (extruded filament roll back etc.) The new V6.1 E3D extruders are now supplied with a heat resistant silicone sock that wraps around the hot end only leaving the nozzle exposed. Rollback filament that gets stuck to the silicone sock can easily just be brushed off. The sock also provides additional temperature stability (the hot-end is less influenced by drafts…)

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Silicone sock for E3D V6.1 hot end