E3D-V6.1 Extruder left - NTC 100K sensor
E3D-V6.1 Left – 3x20mm NTC 100K sensor
Temperature sensor - NTC 100K - 3x20mm shell - 240mm
Temperature sensor – NTC 100K – 3x20mm shell – 240mm
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E3D NTC 100K
E3D V6.1 NTC 100K
E3D NTC 100K

E3D-V6.1 Right – 3x20mm NTC 100K sensor

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E3D-V6.1 Extruder right fully assembled with NTC 100K sensor
NTC 100K Sensor housed in 3x20mm shell
Temp range -50 to +300°C
1x E3D Heat sink (10-01#03)
1x E3D heat break-2id (10-02#03)
1x E3D Heater block – 3x20mm sensor (10-03#03)
1x E3D fan duct (10-04#03)
1x E3D nozzle 0.4mm (10-06#40)
1x M3x10 flange head screw (10-09#01)
1xM3x3 set screw (10-09#02)
1x tube connector 4mm to 1/8 BSP (30-03)
1x E3D heating element (90-12#00)
1x PT100 Temperature sensor 3x20mm (90-14#00)
2x G2.8×16 Sheet metal screws (26-02)
1x Fan 30x30x10mm (93-04)
2x Tie straps (94-06)

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 cm
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