Telion Rock V3.0 Printer Specifications

Telion Kapton film application procedures

Telion Rock Terms of service & Privacy policy

Assembly Manual

Software installation manual

Flier for packing box

Firmware - 01a - DIPS05-3x20-PT100

Firmware - 01b - DIPSA05-3x20-NTC100K

Firmware - 01c - DIPS05-glassB-NTC100K

Firmware - 01d - zSens-glassB-NTC100K

U8glib_Arduino display library driver

G-Code files / Rock V3.0 - Optocoupler

G-Code files / Rock V3.0 - DIPS05

STL Code - Various 3D print files

Repetier host software

Arduino Software

Please Visit the Arduino Download page for the latest versions: